2020 TLI Course FAQ

The first step in taking our courses, is to register. You will be asked for a user name, first and last names, email address, BPR number and a password.
We take your privacy seriously and will use your information only to keep track of your course progress and to certify your CLE credits.


Once logged in, choose your course from the bottom of the 2020 On Demand page. First you will see a page with descriptions and an option to include The Big Black Book, which we will send to you at no cost to you.  Add your course to the cart.


You will then be taken to the payment page. If you have already pre-registered, you will be sent via email a coupon code to include on the payment page.

If you have not pre-registered, you will be taken to the billing form where you complete the information to then be sent to Paypal.


After successful payment, you will be returned to the course you have paid for.


The course lessons are on the right. There is a tab for each lesson for Materials which are all the pertinent pages from the Big Black Book in digital form which will open in a tab in your browser.


Play the video on the right. When complete, be sure to mark the Lesson completed.


The course will automatically advance to the next lesson.


When all lessons are completed, you must complete the quiz, answering numerous true or false questions. The quiz will be graded and submitted. Once received, we will submit your credits.


You may stop the program at any time to resume later. Simply return to the 2020 On Demand page where you will see a profile of your progress. Click on the course to return to where you had left off.