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What is the Tennessee Law Institute’s Annual Review Seminar?

The Annual Review Seminar was first presented in 1972. Throughout each year the faculty collects and analyzes all Tennessee appellate cases, statutes, and changes in court rules, as well as various federal statutes and opinions. This voluminous material is carefully reviewed, and the most important items are condensed into a two-day seminar intended to give the practitioner up to date knowledge of these important developments. Our faculty members are both educators and practitioners of the law in Tennessee.

Now in its 46th year, the Annual Review Seminar has the largest attendance of any continuing legal education program in Tennessee. In addition to teaching many of the state’s attorneys, the lecturers also give CLE presentations to the Tennessee Judicial Conference.



To learn the latest law. Our faculty is continuously analyzing new developments, even in the days immediately prior to each seminar. In addition to how the law has changed, our faculty will explain the significance of the changes in light of prior statutes and decisions.

To keep up with adversary counsel. TLI’s Annual Review Seminar is presented to over 3000 attorneys each year. If your adversary counsel has learned of changes in the law, don’t you want the same information?

To satisfy your CLE requirements. By attending TLI’s Annual Review Seminar, you can receive all 15 hours of your required continuing legal education. The basic program provides 12 hours of general CLE credit. The optional Ethics/Professionalism portion of our program provides the three hours required in Tennessee. This program is approved for credit in 26 other states.

To have a little fun. Okay, there’s nothing “fun” about fifteen hours of teaching and listening. But faculty when possible injects a little levity, whether it’s a musical interlude, Don Paine’s panda bears assisting with evidence, or an occasional case with facts that can only make you smile. We try not to take ourselves too seriously.

Have you read every case from the Tennessee Supreme Court and intermediate appellate courts in the past year?

We have.

Have you read every public chapter passed by the Tennessee General Assembly in the past year?

We have.

Have you read all decisions from the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals?

We have.

Have you read all of the changes in court rules that have been enacted in Tennessee and federal courts in the past year?

We have.

And we are telling everyone we can about all of these important developments. Don’t be left behind.
Attend the 46th Annual Review Seminar. 

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