TLI NEWS August 22, 2017

TLI NEWS August 22, 2017



For the forty-sixth year, the Tennessee Law Institute is presenting its Annual Review Seminar in the last quarter of the year. We have literally been preparing for this program since this time last year and, once again, will appear at six locations around the state for your convenience.

We open in Knoxville this year on September 18-19. It’s a Monday-Tuesday seminar, an option that works better for some people’s schedules. If you haven’t spent any recreational time in Knoxville lately, you might want to make a weekend of it, enjoying our vibrant downtown area and/or our beautiful Fort Loudon Lake for the weekend, or even visiting the Smokies, and then fulfilling your CLE requirements for the year. The Volunteers play at Florida on September 16, so you won’t have game day festivities and traffic to battle, but there are plenty of viewing venues.


On the other hand, if you are one of those lawyers who likes a little football firsthand, you have the opportunity for some good times by coming to our Gatlinburg seminar on September 28-29 (a Thursday-Friday seminar). Gatlinburg, the Smokies and surrounding areas went through the crisis of a lifetime in late 2016 with the tragic wildfires. Contrary to rumor, though, while the area was significantly impacted, “Smokies Strong” is much more than a slogan. The area is fully open for business as usual. You can hike in the Smokies, go fly fishing, shop the outlet malls, take in the beauty of the mountains from your hotel window, party in Gatlinburg, and buy taffy and moonshine to your heart’s content. (Okay, I might be revealing too much personal information with that last comment!)  Please spend your tourist dollars in support of the strong folks in the area as they return to normal. You can even travel down the road to Knoxville on Saturday, September 30, to watch the Tennessee Volunteers take on the Georgia Bulldogs.

And those are just our first two seminars! We strive to provide you with the opportunity to obtain premier quality CLE at a reasonable cost. (Have you ever compared the cost per CLE hour of TLI programs to the amounts charged by our competitor colleagues? I have. And we work hard to hold costs down for you.)


We know that you are busy, and that it’s convenient to get all of your hours in one place at one time. We’ve read every new Tennessee public act, U.S. Supreme Court case and Tennessee Supreme Court case since our 2016 seminars, along with all Tennessee and countless other intermediate appellate cases and other resources. Our famous 640 page “Big Black Book” handout is at the printer as I write this. And, if the Tennessee Supreme Court decides a case the day before your seminar, we’ll tell you about it so you will have the most current important information we can provide.

And we have some fun! What other seminar has a three foot tall stuffed panda bear on the stage, a trivia contest with silly prizes, and as much humor as we can interject into such very serious matters that affect your livelihood and professional life?


Don Paine started something wonderful forty-six years ago. John Walker, who passed on in 2016,  helped carry the torch for many, many years. So many of our attendees have become part of our TLI family and get together annually with old friends to learn, to fulfill their CLE requirements, and to spend time together. It’s fun for us to witness that camaraderie.

I have been blessed to be a part of this organization for almost thirty years, and in more recent years have had the assistance and support of two fine lecture colleagues, handpicked by Don Paine, Lucian Pera and Wade Davies. And our support staff, Karen Roberts, Laura Winkle, Mark MacKenzie and Kara Robertson, are simply top notch.

But enough about us. We do this for you. Come. Get your CLE credit, including credit in other states if needed. Save a little money. Have a good time. And learn about new developments that will help your clients and make you the most knowledgeable lawyer in the trial or transaction. I look forward to seeing you.


We have four more seminars in addition to those mentioned above. Here is our 2017 schedule:

Mon.-Tues., September 18-19        Knoxville Convention Center
Thur.-Fri., September 28-29          Gatlinburg Convention Center
Thur.-Fri., October 12-13             Nashville Music City Center
Thur.-Fri., November 2-3             Memphis Convention Center
Wed.-Thur., November 29-30        Chattanooga Convention Center
Tues.-Wed., December 12-13        Nashville Music City Center

To register or for more information, call  (865) 531-8219 or 1-800-827-6716 or visit our website at

For the Institute,
Sarah Sheppeard




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