TLI NEWS May 2018

TLI NEWS May 2018

How will the new federal tax law, the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017, affect your clients who are negotiating about which parent gets to claim the children as dependents?

For that matter, how will the new law affect your taxes, if you are a parent?

The short answer is that the dependency exemption has been “eliminated” but that the increase in the standard deduction will help offset this change. It is actually more complicated than that. The exemption has been reduced to zero for tax years 2018 through 2025, not eliminated, but other tax benefits can be affected by being entitled to the exemption, even if it is zero. Perhaps an even more dramatic change involves the elimination of the alimony deduction for divorces entered into after 2018. To learn about these and other important legal developments, please join us at TLI’s 47th Annual Review Seminar.

Our 2018 schedule is set forth below. Please note the new location for our Memphis program.

Thur.-Fri., September 13-14   Nashville Music City Center
Thur.-Fri., September 27-28   Knoxville Convention Center
Thur.-Fri., October 18-19   Gatlinburg Convention Center
Thur.-Fri., November 8-9   Memphis, Halloran Centre for Performing Arts
Thur.-Fri., November 29-30   Chattanooga Convention Center
Tues.-Wed., December 11-12   Nashville Music City Center

Take advantage of our early registration period. You can save by registering on or before June 30. Early fees are $525 for the full fifteen hours and $475 for twelve hours (without ethics hours). Fees for lawyers age 66 and older or lawyers admitted in 2017-2018 are $475 for the full fifteen hour program.

To register or for more information, call (865) 531-8219 or 1-800-827-6716 or visit our website at

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