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“The best comprehensive review in the state. TLI is the only seminar I attend each year.”


“The content and lecturers are fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”


“Great job as usual! Cases were interesting and helped to reinforce how the court approaches new questions. Hones that “think like a lawyer” skill! . . . I’ve never felt the need to try another seminar. Why try the rest when you have found the best!”


“Excellent review. Expertly delivered. Great value for the cost.”


“All the presenters did a good job. The Black Book is very helpful. This seminar is the best I have attended. I have been coming since October 1975. I will continue to come in the future.”


“As usual, the speakers were brilliant!”


“It is the best seminar in the state!”


“Of all the CLE’s I’ve attended, these are the three most enjoyable speakers I’ve encountered. This seminar is superior, which is why I attend every year.”


“I appreciate your good work, which is why I’ve attended since 1984. Superior to all others.”


“The portion of the Ethics program that dealt with engagement letters was very thorough and raised many issues to be considered. It also made some good points about attorney/client relationships. The presenters are always well prepared and the materials far exceed the quality of materials at other seminars.”


“Best year ever for Ethics! Great charts/check off for engagement letters.”


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Is your knowledge of legal precedents up-to-date?

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Complete All Your CLE

Attend a single two-day seminar and complete all your annual CLE requirements.

Meet Other Attorneys

Enjoy camaraderie with your peers and mentors from across the state.

Relevant Legal Updates

Learn the most relevant updates in Tennessee law during the year.

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What Makes TLI So Different?

Tennessee Law Institute was formed in 1972 by the legendary Don Paine, well before the state required attorneys to receive continuing legal education each year. Paine wrote the original Tennessee Law of Evidence, and believed that continually learning and staying up-to-date on the latest changes in Tennessee and federal law was crucial for any attorney to practice ethically. John Walker joined Paine in 1973, and for many years attorneys affectionately referred to TLI’s CLE seminar as the “Donnie and Johnny show.”


As the longest running continuing legal education provider in Tennessee, TLI helps thousands of attorneys and judges stay current on the most relevant updates in Tennessee law with the two day Annual Review Seminar.


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What Do Attendees Think About TLI?

“Always the best!”

“It is very in-depth and practice oriented. A great deep dive.”

“Thank you for making the CLE requirement interesting and useful”

“Come yearly, love this CLE. Never attended another program.”

“TLI provides all the hours required and pretty much all the knowledge any attorney needs on the past year’s case and statutory updates.”

“Would be hard to improve this seminar. I have only missed two of them!”

How much is chasing CLE credits costing you? How many potential cases are impacted by recent changes in Tennessee Law? How many of your adversaries are learning the latest legal precedents that you are missing out on because you don’t have the time to read and analyze all the new cases from the last year? A poor choice of CLE provider may already be costing you a great deal.